Welcome to the East-West
Fine Art Convergence
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about my Fine Art work

Where I come from...


Born in a city closed to the sea, I love the water the sound of the waves, the sand and the sun...Lianyungang is the city!

This is the region of the famous Chinese   mythological figure who features in a body of legends,  of the Monkey King “Sun Wukong”.

Sun Wukon was said to be born in "The Mountain of Flowers and Fruits" Mount Huaguo, located in Yuntai , Jiangsu, seven kilometers southeast of Lianyungang City.... fascinating legends.

This is what I like to do!


My father’s side family are all established artists, so I grew up with father teaching me how to hold my first brush. One of his brothers has become a well-established artist in China and America, while another has a well established art-shop and teaching studio in Lianyungang city where now her daughter, my cousin is continuing the tradition of teaching drawing and painting.


For my formal art training I went to Nanjing Normal University (China) and graduated in Fine Arts back in 2008. I love best expressing myself through watercolors and oil painting, but I also enjoy murals and making small sculptures.

so, I am welcoming you

please, browse thru this site and look at some of my paintings and hopefully feel my joy in the colors mixing, my hope in the harmony of the lines, the dreams in the composition of the paintings... and may you enjoy what you see!

Let me know what you like and ask for any particular Fine Art work you would like me to produce for you. I will be more than happy to create a work of art to your specific size and palette requirements.